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What is solar...
Solar systems gathers light-energy from the sun and generate energy we can utilize to heat our bathwater or swimming pool, and/or to run heating and cooling systems like airconditioners or underfloor heating. Solar energy is used in the agricultural sector, in low cost housing developments and can even supply energy to big institutions like hospitals, gyms or sports complexes.
How it works:
A typical water heating system, will, for instance, be installed on your roof, and will consist of two main components:
1. a collector and
2. a storage tank.
The collector has vacuum tubes which will heat up very quickly, generating heat using energy gathered from the sun. A vacuum tube consists of two glass tubes, with a vacuum between them. The inner tube is tri-coated, to improve energy absorption across the whole light spectrum, whilst the vacuum between the inner and outer tube creates the perfect isolator, minimising heat losses tremendously. Heat collected by the heat pipes is deposited at the top of the collector, where water flows through to collect the heat.
The vacuum tubes will heat up your water, either by:
1. a direct system (water is heated while passing through the collector into the storage tank,), or
2. an indirect system (a specialised fluid is heated while passing through the collector, and the heat is transferred to the water in the tank)
Water movement can either be achieved by a pumped system (a small pump), or by a thermo siphon system, where the correct placing of the collector and storage tank can allow circulation by the fact that hot water rises, and colder water drops.
In addition, you will be completely in control of your solar system. Most solar geysers has an electrical support unit and timer to ensure you will always have warm water, even in less perfect weather conditions. The timer, together with the thermostat, controls the electrical support unit. This ensures the geyser will only use electricity if the thermostat finds the water temperature to be too low at a certain point in time (in the evening, for instance, when warm water is needed for showering or washing dishes).
STH Solar clients have been known to save 50% on their electricity bills. Why shouldn't you?
1. Cost efficient
2. Manufactured locally
3. Corrosion resistant
4. High Efficiency
5. Tube breakage won't cause system failure
6. Patented design
7. Factory assembled
8. Quick installation
9. Fit on any geyser or hot water system
10. Supplied as a plumbing kit - no hidden costs
11. 10 Year guarantee on collectors and geysers
12. 5 Year guarantee on track systems
13. 1 Year guarantee on elements, pumps & controllers
Solar Power
Eskom Subsidies:
Now you can qualify for a subsidy of R3317.36!
The process is explained in detail on Eskom's site: Simply visit the site, and click on "Solar water heating".

1. STH Solar is an approved supplier of solar geysers. Our product is SABStested, and while Eskom requires a 5 year guarantee, STH Solar offers a 10 year guarantee on collectors and geysers.
2. STH Solar will assist you in Installing the best possible system to suit your requirements.
3. After full payment is received, we will suppy you with a partially completed claim-form. Complete the form and send, together with your personal documents to the Eskom auditors (Deloitte).
4. Eskom undertakes to pay out your subsidy within 6 weeks.